Teacher Interview: Bonnie Lovett

What does Disney and running have in common? Wood Road Elementary School teacher Bonnie Lovett discovered her interest in running after registering for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Lovett talks about the most magical place to run, goals for the Scotties Stampede and her exercise routine.

How long have you been running?
I’ve been running for a little over 7 years.

What first sparked your interest in running?
I became interested in running when I heard about the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I love Disney and thought it sounded like a lot of fun, so I registered. I wasn’t a runner at the time, so I had to get serious about training really quickly. I also wanted an activity to do outside when the weather got nice, so running was perfect for me.

What do you love most about running?
It’s great exercise and stress-release. When I run by myself, I have a lot of time to think and clear my head. I feel awesome both physically and mentally after a good run. It’s also an excuse to get some fresh air and enjoy being outside.

What other types of exercise do you enjoy doing?
I go to Metabolic Meltdown where I do HIIT training 6 days a week. It’s a combination of high-intensity cardio and weight lifting.

What do you do for exercise in the winter? What do you do for exercise in the summer?
In the winter, I workout at Metabolic Meltdown 6 days a week. In the summer, I add running in a few days a week.

Do you have any long-term running goals? If so, what are they?
I would love to run a marathon someday. My ultimate goal would be to run the Dopey Challenge (5K, 10K, half marathon, and marathon on 4 consecutive days) in Disney World.

Tell us one of your favorite memories about running.
My favorite memory was my first half-marathon. It was the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Disney World. I ran it with my sister-in-law and over 20,000 other runners. Most people were dressed as Disney characters, and there were official characters all along the course that you could stop and take pictures with. The best part was that we got to run through Epcot and Magic Kingdom! The feeling I got when I crossed finish line was so incredible. It was an experience I will never forget!

Where is your favorite place to run?
I love to run along the beach in Delray Beach when I go there on vacation every year. The weather is so beautiful and there are great views! I’ve gone for a few runs at sunrise when I can drag myself out of bed early enough, and it is absolutely gorgeous!

What’s the coolest place you’ve ever run?
The coolest place that I have ever run is Magic Kingdom in Disney World during the Disney Princess Half Marathon. We got to run right through Cinderella’s Castle! I also really liked running through the World Showcase at Epcot.

You’re signed up for the Scotties Stampede 5k on May 19th. What have you been doing to prepare?
Honestly, I haven’t been doing much running. When I ran the inaugural Scotties Stampede in 2016, I struggled with the hills. After a few months of working out at Metabolic Meltdown prior to the race last year, I found that my endurance and stamina had dramatically increased and I beat my previous time by over 5 minutes. I do plan on doing a few short runs and I will run the Scotties Stampede course a couple of times before race day.

What’s your goal for the Scotties Stampede 5k?
My goal is to beat my time from last year. I would also love to see Wood Road win the team prize for the largest school team for the third year in a row.

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